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So after I did all that, I finally got around to ordering my first bunch of plants from my LFS. If I remember correctly it is Crypt Spiralis, another kind of Crypt, and Jungle Val. One of each, but I'm going to be adding more. I also took a Narrow Leaf & Windelov Java Fern out of my other tanks, plus some plant that I got from Petsmart a couple months back. I have absolutely no idea what it is, but it's pretty. We'll see how much of the brown/red/pink color it retains after being in this tank for a while.

Tying a crypt to eggcrate...Any idea what kind it is? Would it be Wendtii "Green"? I have no idea.

Thanks goodness I had my little helper with me. Without her herding this plant, it might have grown legs and ran away! But as long as Nelly's watching them, I can be sure it isn't going anywhere!!

She also keeps a watchful eye on the fish at my favorite LFS. Everyone there gets a kick outta her, it's not often that you see a Border Collie attempting to herd fish. Or, last time, it was a slow-moving snail that kept her captivated for probably 10 minutes or more.

Anyways, after I adding the plants I also put in the 8 Angelfish from one of the tanks that's being torn down. There are 3 Odessa Barbs(temporary), and a Platy.

Can anybody ID this plant? I got it from Petsmart a couple months ago. In my other tank it's much taller with a lot of small leaves, instead of short with thick, dark leaves in this tank.

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