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Originally Posted by Wolf19 View Post
Do you know if the red tailed shark does well with any smaller schooling fish?
Well...I do have 3 Odessa Barbs in the tank right now, as a temporary thing. Long story as to why there's only 3. She leaves them alone. However if it were me, I would not risk putting her in with a tank of small fish. She is a horribly vicious little thing. Today I watched her attack one of the smaller Eartheaters (about 4.5"? Maybe bigger...) she chased him around the tank as fast as she could until he was forced to go hide underneath the output of the fx5, inside the tall Wisteria. That doesn't happen too often, but it still does happen every now and then...When she was a little baby I had her in a 35 gallon, and she was so territorial that she killed 2 Mollys. And she's only gotten meaner since then, but the big tank has helped a lot. Still though, even in 100 gallons she's very territorial.
I guess it's possible that I just got an overly aggressive one. But personally I wouldn't risk putting one with small fish. However I'd be interested in what other people have experienced with these fish, I wonder if they're all as mean as mine.

She is so pretty, pictures just don't do her justice.
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