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Capping dirt with sand

Hi all,

I am a big advocate for dirting all of my tanks. Unfortunately, I often run into an issue with carpeting plants that have a tough time spreading through the gravel I use. In my next setup I want to grow a glosso carpet and I heard that having a loose substrate will help promote growth. With that in mind I want to cap my dirt with black flourite sand for the CEC. I am afraid to do this, though, for two reasons: it will prevent my soil from being aerated and it may mix with my dirt over time. Can anyone provide some experiences they've had with sand caps? Does it really pose a problem with dirt? Am I going to have a mixed mess of soil and sand after a year? Or should I stop whining and go for it. Feel free to suggest any other (black) fine substrates you've successfully used to cap dirt. I plan on making this my first larger high tech aquarium in a long time but I think spending hundreds of dollars on aquasoil isn't what I want to do after I spend the money on lights, the tank, stand, filters, etc.. Thanks!
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