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I have had issues with glass diffusers that don't need the pressure that an Atomic diffuser needs, and have verified that with my pressurized setup. It either tanks a few days for any CO2 to come out, or it just doesn't build enough pressure to ever come out. I have had both happen.

I image you could tweak the recipe to work but it would likely take a long time to build the pressure so it would render it very pointless. DIY CO2's main drawback is inconsistency so using something like an Atomic diffuser seems like it would just make it exponentially more inconsistent. Usually you can add more bottles to make it more consistant, rotating each out. I would guess that this would be detrimental for an Atomic diffuser with DIY CO2 because it just means the initial pressure needs to be built up more often from releasing the pressure when swapping tanks out.
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