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Originally Posted by RobMc View Post
I've recently been spending a lot of time researching saltwater reef systems. In a reef tank it is general practice to have a sump with a refugium. Often times the main display tank or the refugium will have a deep sand bed of 4+ inches for the purposes of denitrification.

If one were to establish a deep substrate bed in a freshwater tank, would the same or similar anerobic bacteria form?

Do the lower oxygen levels have a negative effect on the roots? Or will the roots just not grow at this level anyway?

Would a system like this benefit from a black worm or snail population to turn the substrate?

I would like to take this approach with my next tank.
It was established decades ago via a process known as guttation vascular aquatic plants create a very slow flow within the substrate. It's also know for an equally long time vascular aquatic plants transport oxygen down into the substrate via the roots.

Snails and black worms may work, but I'd be concerned that a population of black worms without predators too keep the population in check might end up in a wormy mess.

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