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Filter ideas for a 10 gallon?

I'm playing around with the idea of doing something different filtration wise with my 10 gallon. ATM, I have two Marineland Penguin 100's....and its just a bit annoying to constantly be replacing that blue mesh on a bi-weekly (if not more often) basis. I was almost thinking about just adding another Penguin 100 (I have the space for it and otherwise the filters run fine) or replace one of the Penguins with a larger type filter.

Alternatively, I was half debating about canister filters, but not sure if I like that route for this tank because it is on a table and there is no real good place for the canister to be on the floor. But if I were to go canister, what kind of canister would be a good idea? I do like to over filter, and for this tank, my only flow is the filtration and I'm considering doing hillstream loaches which would mean I would need a very good amount of flow.

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