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Desktop Tank

Tank has been upgraded to this one: Mr. Aqua 6g Bookshelf CRS tank - Split seam!

I've wanted a tank on my desk for awhile now, and I was originally going to do a 7.5 gallon cube. I decided the weight made me nervous since my desktop is glass and the only thing supporting the corner piece is screws. I did wedge a 2x4 under the frame so it probably would have been fine. Anyway I decided to go with a smaller one instead. Nothing fancy, just one I got from a LFS. The glass is a lot thicker than the Aqueon ones and it came with a glass lid that has notches for equipment.

Visio "Betta3" tank (about 2.25 gallons)
ZooMed 501 Canister
DIY lilypipes
Archaea 25w heater
Finnex 10" FugeRay (tank is actually 12", but it sits directly on the lid because of the black frame, plus I wanted a little less light)

Up Aqua Shrimp Sand (leftovers)
Pa Hai stone from AFA

Pfertz and excel until my supply runs out

Some type of ludwigia I think.. could use some help with ID
Anubias nana
Mini pellia
Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides
Frogbit (hopefully temporary)

Nerite snail

Current FTS as of 2/13:

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