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Thanks for the ideas! I think I'm going to do something like that, minus the carpet. I have regular, narrow leaf, and trident java fern (the last one I'm getting now from the SnS). I'll use at least one of those on the "stump" part of the wood and the lower branches. I already have fissidens and peacock moss to attach to the longer/higher branches. My husband has an a. ulvaceous that I might put in the corner behind the stump. I think the long leaves will kind of blow around and mimic the branches. And then some crypts and possibly a few lower-light friendly stems in and around the branches. Might get some of those extra large river rocks as well and go for the river bank look. Still haven't decided on black sand or PFS. Maybe I'll see what color the river rocks are and if they're gray/black I'll go with the black and if they're more tan I'll go with the PFS.

Unfortunately my poor goldfish aren't going to be real happy if I kick them out anytime soon. The lows have still been in the 30's. That's quite a change from the 68 our thermostat stays on at night.

Sorry, not really much of an update. Just wanted to get some ideas down.
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