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Originally Posted by d2mini View Post
Hey angelo, what are you feeding this guy? I just have some of those hikari betta pellets but would like to find something better.

For cutting down the flow on my tank, i had a little ball valve laying around in a box from a little Rio pump. I used a small piece of clear tubing to attach it to the output coming out of my tank's filter box. You can clearly see it in my pics... big and ugly. lol
I've been feeding him New Life Spectrum Thera+A 1mm pellets that my reef tank loves (even my mandarin eats em!). He seems to enjoy them. I'll probably mix it up with frozen brine / mysis shrimp and blood worms.

I just don't think I can afford the real estate to have an in-tank flow restrictor, so I am either going to plumb something like that into the back chamber, try the "holes in the line" trick, or give the filter floss a whirl. But then again, with the flow on the pump dialed to a minimum, it doesn't seem to bother him much. I noticed tonight that once the light goes out he is very active and likes to fight his reflection on the back wall, gill flares and everything. Maybe he just needs to get used to the light.

Originally Posted by Jello View Post
That's a beautiful betta! Where did you find him? I've only seen Betta's like that from shops in Thailand...
After a 2-week search across town, I finally managed to snag him for $7 at an LFS. Just got lucky I guess! Thanks for the comment!

Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
Stuff some filter floss behind the overflow grate... it helps lessen the flow, plus it helps stop your betta's fins from getting sucked in and torn. Mine LOVES to rest against the grate
That's a good idea, and easy to implement so I'll probably give it a whirl. Mine does the same! Thanks!
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