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Originally Posted by Wolf19 View Post
Wow, I am in love with your fish. Especially the red tail shark. Do you find it's a jumper at all? (Do you keep a lid on the aquarium?)
Nope, I have never once seen her try to jump. She is too busy bullying the Geo's!
But I do keep a lid on the tank, because when the Bichirs and Pleco go up to get air they do it full-speed. At night if I hear a loud bang in the tank, I know that it's the Pleco smacking against the lid when he goes up for air. I use Eggcrate as a lid because I broke both sides of the glass one...But now that I'm actually growing plants, I think I need to switch back to glass and just be very careful...I don't think eggcrate(also known as light diffuser!) is a good choice for a lid.
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