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Very first thing I did was take this Java Fern out of the Angelfish tank. I had it tied near the top of the tank, so it let down some crazy roots. It measured 2 feet from top to bottom.

I cut it in 3 pieces and attached it to my driftwood. Took off the roots.

I also added a tall Wisteria...I think that I took that one out of the Angel tank, too.

The way I keep my Eartheaters from uprooting everything, is by tying it to eggcrate with fishing line. It's a hassle and a pain in the you-know-what, but so far it has been working very well. I didn't take any pictures when I tied it to the eggcrate, but I did the next time I added plants. Pictures of that will come later.

Scaping a tank gets more difficult when you already have fish in there!

Here's a video of it after adding the cut up Java Fern, Wisteria, and Amazon Sword.

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