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Originally Posted by Kitsune_Gem View Post
Tagging along because I want to know what the heck a eartheater is.
Eartheaters are awesome. These ones (Geophagus Altifrons) can hit the 12" mark, though that is uncommon. They spend all their time grabbing mouthfuls of sand and sifting it through their gills. The reason it took me so long to start this tank is because I couldn't use the cheap sand from Tractor Supply like I wanted to - it was plenty soft but had some odd glass "sticks" in it that I feared would hurt the Eartheaters gills. So I had to save up $100+ to buy Petsmart brand sand.

Originally Posted by Dx3Bash View Post
Your Geophagus look really nice. Have you had them since they were juveniles? When the water clears, please post some close ups of them.
The water's been clear for a couple months now I just finally got in the first shipment of plants a few days back...figured it'd be a good time to start the thread. I was planning on not posting pictures of the fish until after I showed all the steps of planting to the tank, but I guess I can give ya'll a little sneak peek...

Sorry about the really bad quality image. I don't have a slave flash(can't afford it, all money is going towards my fishies) and I can't use the mounted flash with these guys, because their scales react weird with it and it makes them all...weird. So I had to use ISO 1600

And yes, I've had them since they were about 2 or 2.5"!

This picture isn't as bad as the last one. Here's one of the angels.
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