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Ok, update time.

The good:
HC is filling in well.

The bad:
I thought I got rid of my BGA. Not the case. I am thinking it's because I had it really bad in my last tank and reused the substrate. I am considering nuking it with Maracyn or trying Bacter 100. Bacter 100 seems interesting because of other benefits and is around the same price. I also go to SF on a somewhat regular basis so taking a trip to ADA would be nice, been awhile.

I have also lost 3 fish. One was a jumper, the other two died in the tank. One died pretty early after acclimation which I can't get right for the life of me. I have tried everything and am successful maybe 2/3 of the time with no deaths. The non jumper was random so I don't know what's going on, I don't have a test kit. One of my goals of this tank was to be a better fish keeper, something I wish I was better at after 5 years. Hopefully it will be the last.

To do:
Get a better camera. I am planning to add some type of shrimp. Probably just RCS or fire reds, I actually like RCS better. I haven't kept any other shrimp but have had great luck with these guys. I would like to try something more exotic but the combination of budget, the fact the tank is high tech, high co2, my lack of skills, and local availability may keep me from trying. We will see. I do plan to add more feather fin rainbows as well, want to wait a bit to make sure everything is fine. Probably should get a master test kit. I think I need to bring the light output down as well, simple as raising the light or stopping the noon burst. Hopefully I clear up the BGA

Unfortunately my only camera is my Iphone so I could only get one pic that looks OK. Everything else was too blurry. I will try to get more angles but that's hard when the sun is up and I won't be around tonight. Again, BGA is pretty bad, HC growth has been good though.

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