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Mr. Barr--Well, I have to admit that I was partially inspired by you to try this originally. I like the TEK fixtures, and by the time I have the money to upgrade to the ATI's, I'm sure that the LED's will have caught up to HO T5 bulb spectrum and appeal. I wish I had that bonus check back on Black Friday!! Two ATI's would have been really something!

I'm a little confused, and I am just requesting a little clarity: when you say "replacements" referring to the bulbs, are you stating that the ZooMeds and StarCoats are "better" than the Giesemann's, or simply another option that I could consider. I've heard from a few other hobbyists that sincerely believe that the StarCoats are better than the Middays. I simply had such good results using the Giesemann's that I'm hesitant to switch. Your opinion would carry a bit more weight, though. Please let me know, if you happen upon this again!

Thank you, IWANNAGOFAST! I'm curious to know whether this current "look" is a permanent transformation, or if it is simply in process of getting to it's "high light" form. Likely the latter, so there's no telling if it will keep this coloration or not. It's pretty nice right now, though, and I'll enjoy it while it lasts!

I think one of the other gentlemen that has this tried selling it for $30/stem. It's a bit steep, so I'd be happy to look into a trade with you, though. I'm not ready to part with any until I can finish getting more acquainted with it's growth habits and parameters. Send me a PM, if you like!

Mumford, I appreciate it! That's Mother Nature doing her thing!!

Thanks Han!! I'm enjoying living with the excess those fixtures provide right now. Makes it a bit difficult for picture taking at times, but it's a small complaint.
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