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Originally Posted by fattboa View Post
Me neither. Anybody else knows?
It seems that we need a pneumatic solenoid? Parker produce solenoids as well as needle/metering valves. You can ask or call the guys here since they seem to be a Parker dealer. Maybe they will have both? If not I am afraid you'll need to strip search Shuwaikh. Seems very ironic a petroleum rich country is quite poor in valves/regulators. If you searched harder I am somewhat certain you'll find what you need but you will spend A LOT of time since the people working have absolutely no clue except for prices. You will need to search the inventory yourself.
In a couple of days I'll be back on the search since my Co2 tank is up to date. I'll go looking in the Friday market tomorrow (yes on a Wednesday). If I found anything I'll notify you. If you need help with anything (aquarium/hydroponics/aquaponics etc) just pm me.
Sure. Only one place sells regulators in Friday Market and that are DUPLA brand Regulators and at nearby mall they sell easy co2 regulators. But their prices are ridiculous. I heard there is a store in Salmiya from an employee at roc. Apparently that store sells CO2 regulator with Co2 tank that they buy from ROC.
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