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Originally Posted by PeterN1986 View Post
Hey Hoppy, how is this tank coming along? I am dry-starting HC and glosso in my 5.5g tank and plan on keeping it non-CO2, dosing Excel and Flourish and dry ferts. I've got a 16" Fugeray, which should be low-ish light. Substrate is MGOPS capped with eco. I'm hoping I can get away with just dosing Excel and dry ferts without having the HC go bad after I flood.
My tank is on its 10-11th day with water in it, and only a few of the plants. I'm still waiting out the ammonia leaching period for Aquasoil, and waiting for the remaning plants to arrive - this week sometime. It will be at least another 3 weeks before I can add any fish. The Aqusoil is working much, much better than when I used soil with blasting grit on top - clear water in two days vs two months, for example.

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