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rock on! The cold water has been finished. (please tilt your head for the picture, sorry) We were short 6" of copper to finish the hot water. We also had a split in the 2x4" used to mount the spigots, so the clamps are being utilized for gluing the wood back together.

With the cold water ran, I decided to test fill the tank. Which is fun when the filtration is not set up and you have holes in the overflow! so I had to keep a close eye on it when it got near the overflow

oh, and in typical cat fashion, my cat had to check things out prior to the water going in.

I have a picture on the camera (these are S3 pictures) of how we leveled the tank/stand. Once we got the tank on we knew there was an issue... there was maybe 1/8" space on either side of the tank, so you could rock it on the center. that was noooo good. We pondered what to do for a bit. ultimately, we used wooden shims to move the plywood up to meet the tank and generously filled the gap between the plywood and 2x4 with liquid nails. There is a shim maybe every inch or two with liquid nails pushed in with the shims both inside and out.

I was a little concerned with how things would settle once the tank was full, but at this point there has not been any movement what so ever.

Next step is to purchase two bulkhead kits and a 37g for the sump, along with a DC5000 pump. I'm looking forward to get cracking on the filtration so I can see this thing 100% full and running.

this coming weekend our new basement steps are going in, and potentially seeing the rest of the framework done as well. After that happens we're dry walling and prepping for paint. Once the prep work is done I can seriously consider beginning to set the tank up.
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