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I was in there as recent as two weeks ago on a Sunday to look for a stand for the 40 breeder I bought several weeks prior. I took a few minutes to have a look at the aquatic livestock, and it was gross. Both SW and FW tanks looked as thought they hadn't been cleaned in quite awhile, there was a stench coming from the racks, and the employees seemed to not know anything about the livestock and were completely dumbfounded when I asked a few basic questions about their aquarium stands. The cashier (older lady) was argumentative with me when the aquarium stand I had brought to the counter didn't ring up correctly. I work in customer service, and I would and have never treated a customer like that.

When I was there a few months ago, the betta cups were actually pristine. During the same visit when I was there to look for an aquarium stand, the betta cups were looking funky, and a few bettas looked emaciated and were swimming in their filth.

I had received a gift card for PetCo for Christmas and will not be returning once I have exhausted the balance.
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