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Originally Posted by oldpunk78 View Post
You gotta stop doubting me. If anyone wants to photograph their solenoid from gla (non-atomic) to prove me wrong, go a head.

They either this one, or one very similar.

my mistake, it is a peterpaul solenoid.

when I did the research on solenoid valves a while back, I skipped this Parker model, so didn't recognize it on the GLA system.
The reason I didn't look into too much about this model, is it is 7 watts.

and it will burn your hand, 7 watts is gonna be real hot for 7+ hours on.
this series 15 model is not the low power consumption, it is probably the reason it is cheap and GLA can afford it, but it will have short life(Burn out) in our co2 application, to be sure.
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