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Originally Posted by guitarsrmine View Post
Hi all....I was wondering if liquid plant food, such as Flourish, can lose its potency after a number of years?? The bottle I have is, Im guessing, at least 3 years old.....I neglected my tanks that long, so thats why I have a bottle of it that is that old......Ive got my tanks almost completely void of BBA, and they are looking better day by I need to buy a fresh bottle of food????Thanks for looking........
Hi guitarsrmine,

Per Seachem:

Our products are formulated either to (a) have a practical unlimited shelf life (i.e. practical within expected usage time frames, for example it's not likely someone would try to use a 20 year old bottle of Flourish) or (b) require no special formulation because they truly have an unlimited shelf life owing to their chemical nature. The above mentioned products will last many years. My only advice is to refrigerate Flourish after opening to keep the organic components (vitamins, etc.) as fresh as possible.

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