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Ludwigia grandulosa x palustris: "new" hybrid

As far as I am aware, me and two hobbyists in Texas are the only people to have this plant species. It is a hybrid between Ludwigia grandulosa and palustris. My new lighting has really caused some really, really nice color in this species of Ludwigia. As of a week and a half ago, this plant was lime green in color, with slightly red tips. I've had this plant for a few months, and it has never deviated from this lime green color. As of tonight, it now looks like this:

From the Side:

Here is a smaller stem a few inches away that had been in mostly shady conditions until I moved it on Friday. Again, going from a lime green color to this within a few days. Hopefully "junior" here will join his larger brother in terms of coloration soon!

The plant is quickly becoming a favorite of mine! Looks like a toucan of the plant world!
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