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Update: 2/11/2013
So lots of new things today, got my first plant package on Aquabid and started planting. To be honest, after the first hour or so I gave up on organizing plants so I just started sticking them where my instincts told me they should be. At this point I'm hoping for nature to take it's course and decide where things should be and how they should grow (chaotic like the wabi-kusa concept), and trim at my own leisure later.


Left side:

Right side:


There was so much stems and runners that I didn't know what to do with myself. I used the left over plants and dropped it in a glass bowl I had lying around and I still had quite a bit left over so I threw them in a bucket and sat it behind my tank. It's the orange Home Depot bucket behind the tank in the pictures lol.

Plant growth:
Java fern: The java hasn't been doing much, just sitting there. Except that I noticed some green where the roots are so it's probably growing, slowly but steadily.

New leaves are sprouting, no further dead/dying leaves, some noticeable roots starting to come out from the rhizome.

Ludwidgia: Healthy growth, new roots are appearing/rooting into the substrate. New shoots are visible and is clearly expanding. New shoots in direct light are dark red/brown, but if relocated into the shade will revert to green. It's clearly growing well, but I hope it'll really take off soon.
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