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Confused journey of another nano

Hey let's do a small update shall we? My shrimp have always gone crazy for every food. But shrimp, fish crayfish, snail and the like go crazy for Om Nom Nom.

I noticed a squabble for the food and immediately started snapping pictures. I had to grab a little outside lighting as the lighting in the tank with floaters is not the brightest.

Here the cray has found and stolen the food, run into a cave where she can't be hounded from all angles for it.
Click image for larger version

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Allow me to shine a little light on the matter lol.
Click image for larger version

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The package has been dropped, I repeat the package has been dropped! Secure the package!!
Click image for larger version

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Click image for larger version

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Where'd it go?!
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The world may never know.

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