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Yay, new pics. Tank looks messy (when doesn't it?) My blyxa sorta decided that it stopped liking me, so I'm going to need more to try that out again. My anubias seem to be happy with me though, which is good. As do my mermaid weeds and my various anubias and rotala. H. Brown is looking a little worse for wear though, alongside my Rubin Sword. But those should recover in time. My co2 isn't exactly pouring out atm either, but I think that's because I need to re-do my needle valve (not enough teflon tape), but I'll get to that at another time I guess, since there is some co2 going through. I also lowered my lighting schedule to accommodate for that.

Angel, I didn't need you in this pic D: lol. No, but really, you can see that my rose sword is growing every so slightly, but not by leaps and bounds. Honestly, I think my swords grow slower than my anubias O.o. Then again, the roots on this guy suck for some reason, no idea why. I added some crypts from my 10 gallon as well, just cause my 10 was getting cluttered. For this tank, I plan on replacing these crypts with some grown out Green Gecko and some other Wendtii varieties, and also want to get some nurrii and other rare crypts going on as well. My aromatica is doing fine, and the cabomba is taking of super well. Not sure if I want to keep it though, or if I will replace with something else in time. Maybe get some e. vesuvius or some other taller grassy like thing to be behind the Lagenandra. I'll see as time goes by.

This plant gets all of my love. Its growing very well for me, and even though the bottoms are leggy from older leafs not doing well, they are sending out new shoots from the bottom so those should fill everything in nicely. Plus, this will shade my anubias well and look super cool once it really gets to the top of my tank.

My Japan Red, where did you go? D: Yah, tbh idk what happened here but what I have still planted seems to be growing and doing okay. I gotta get some more red ones though, these were also bought as Japan Red so maybe its just taking a bit to get going. I also decided that, down the line, the wallichi in front of this will be replaced with vietnam.

I will probably replace this with R. Sunset down the line (cause I wanna have sunset in one of my tanks somewhere, and this seems to be the best place to try it out). That or I might have both, who knows? I know this is doing well though, and based upon the growth, I'm starting to wonder if this could carpet the way that goias can be used as a carpet. Cause I certainly wouldn't mind having a carpet of this, especially since it seems to be growing more horizontally than anything.

Yah, I'll take care of that BBA eventually. But atm its not on anything other than wood and plastic, so its not that terrible. Anubias is doing fine and my ludwigia collection+yao yai seems to be going strong as well. My cuba is starting to take off, I added some Atlantis from my 10 into here, my pantanal is taking off rather well too, my tiger lotus is more green than red but w/e it works, and my mermaid weed is getting super thing leafs for those to turn a nice red will be awesome :P Oddly though, the only thing that seems to be struggling a bit is my glandulousa.....but Rubin and everything else is doing fine so (shrug)

Anubias and OMG BABY LAGENANDRA. That thing grows faster than I expected. I only have this here temporarily, just until it gets a bit bigger and the weather gets warmer. Then I want to sell it to someone, since this stuff needs to get spread around the forums like now.

Parva is parva. Maybe it will fill in more once the co2 gets better....but I doubt it will do much. Still, looks pretty and I like it a lot.

Minimal co2, but my ludwigia are also probably hogging whatever they can get as well. Can't wait for my pantanal and cuba to get really tall and big and bushy. And for my senegalensis to grow up more, cause the colors and patterns on that plant are awesome.

Most of these bubbles are from water change, not co2 or pearling. Oh well.

Because I really like my rainbow cichlids.

I only have two angels now....but I'd love it if they were a pair because I really only want a pair...even if offspring can't survive in this tank.

Still, they are hard to get good pics of.


Would be nice if they were a pair.

Some people on another forum thought this was just a silver. I am here to tell you that this is not just a silver, no lighting effects or editing here (I don't even know how to do fancy stuff like that)

I need to get a full body shot of this guy. He loves where all the ludwigia are though, and he should love it even more when they are taller and he can be under all the leafs.

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