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Are these real?
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Originally Posted by Naja002
Glad to see You are making progress on this.....

Please do us all a favor and keep track of every dime of cost, so the next person will know before they decide whether or not to do this....
So... the refill side is complete, and cost me less than $20 (icemaker kit, and float valve)

The drainage side cost was a few dimes for a plastic T and the hose barb (inline with XP3 outlet), and I had a good length of vinyl hose laying around, for $5 you should be able to get that.

Now I can decide how far I go on the outlet automatisation. Right now, I open a little dripvalve and the water drains into some holding tank.

My though is to add another float valve to the tank where I keep the drained water, so each time I remove water from it I get a tiny little automated water change. Like removing 6 gallons a day... every day... that would give me about what I am changing now weekly.

At this point water changes are effortless, and I can take my time to finetune things further.
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