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Time to DIY Dry Fert ;)

Im finally finishing my pfertz supply of high tech +.
Basically means im going to start my own DIY or follow something else.
There are many out there, trying to figure out whats the easiest to use.
Also, would love to re-use my pfertz bottles

Going to head out soon to buy myself measuring spoons and going to find myself a vitamin box thing... I want to prepare my doses in advance for the week(s) (if i do straight up dry doses and not use liquids) since i wake up very early in the morning and dont feel like measuring every bit :P

At my disposal i have,

Aquarium Fertilizer(brand),
Potassium Nitrate
Mono potassium phosphate
Potassium Sulfate

The Plant Guy Ferts
Magnesium Sulfate
13% chelated Iron
Micro-Nutrient Mix
GH Booster Blend

Urea Nitrate

Seachem Excel
Seachem Equilibrium
Flourish Comprehensive


sorry for the headaches!v

p.s: i need to dose magnesium.
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