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Smile Marineland "Plant Light" vs. 2x Marineland Double Brights?

Oh hello there, I'm new around these parts. I just finished reading the LED lighting compendium and I have now, a question about this relatively new Marineland Aquatic Plant fixture...

Is there really a point in paying almost 100 dollars more for this fixture when I can get two of the Marineland Double Brights for 100 less? Most importantly, I'm ok with a medium range PAR. I just don't want it in the low range.

And, I'm talking about the 24"-36" models.

Two Double Bright fixtures on Amazon: ~152 bucks
One Aquatic Plant fixture on Amazon: ~246 bucks

Double Bright PAR specs: 35 PAR @ 12", 19 PAR @ 24"
...with two that would make a PAR of about 40. Right? Or does adding them not really work this way?

This lighting will be for a 29gal tank, most likely.
Thanks guys
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