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Originally Posted by CherokeeNative View Post
One more thing - is it the Golden Bee that you breed with the CRS to get a finer grade CRS, or do you have to just keep culling out the lesser grades and interbreeding the finer grades? I've read volumes and volumes on these guys, yet I am still unclear on this. TIA
i hope i dont confuse you or give you any false info, but as far as i know... yes, goldens/snow whites are used to get higher grade crs/cbs, but in return you are mixing genes so you'll get more golden offspring out of a clutch. basically your crs/cbs will should get a more solid "white", but every time you interbreed a crs with a golden/cbs you are getting father and farther away from a "pure line"

i let my crs/cbs/goldens/tb all interbreed, just like many others on this forum.
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