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After reading this thread im starting to question te health of my new German Blue Rams. A little over 3 weeks ago i bought 2 GBR from the lfs. since then my cardinals have had a massive ick out break and i thought that was my only issue, but ive been noticing that my rams stomachs have been getting bigger and bigger. there color and fin health have improved dramatically since i got them, but now my whole tank is starting to come under problem.

my set up is a 37gl tall
magnum hot canister filter and a aquatec 30-60 hob filter
using Miricale grow organics choice potting soil with a play sand cap.
2 t5ho glo fixture with pretty old bulbs. hung about 5in over tank

5 cardinals
6 rummy nose
2 German Blue Rams
2 albino Bristol nose plecos
2 ottos

heavily planted with
Long hair grass
and a couple other plants i cant remember the names of.

I use excel.

Any advice? ill toss some pics up when my phone charges.
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