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Originally Posted by binbin9 View Post
I started with 6 cardinals and down to three now. I lost one due to screwing around with the GH and then 2 more when my heater sensor left the water and cranked the temperature up to 90! =

At $13 a shrimp those were some costly losses. I would house cardinals completely separate from your CRS. Those two in no way belong together in the same waters. I suggest getting a substrate that will buffer your water a bit. Although I have heard of folks having success with CRS at that PH as long as the water is stable and clean they should be fine.

If you have the funds I would invest in some aqua soil amazonia though.

I've had mixed feedback on OEBT. They do not breed true and can be a bit finicky. Your offspring can range from regular tigers to really dark tigers. They never come out as nice as the parents.

I almost got some too until someone told me about their experience with them. So I've decided to go the taiwan route and have 10 coming. =)

The shrimp list so far now is:
Blue Pearls
Fire reds
Golden Bee
Blue Bee
Blue Pearl
A couple of left over ghost feeders
and BKK and WRs on the way.

Its a bad addiction.
Good advice....and in heeding it,

I just purchased a 20 gal. to move my CRS into so I can stablize the water perimeters I've got a Cascade 700 canister filter, 1 large sponge filter for the tank and purchased some Fluval Shrimp Stratum for my substrate. They are currently on CarabSea Natural and I think that is upping the PH. Dunno. I've been using DI water, and intend to make the move of them today. Wish me luck - I've managed to keep all 10 alive thus far although I had my first berried female last week finally shed her babies and I managed to see one, but now they are all gone - I am guessing the water perimeters killed the babies. Hoping this change over will give the babies what they need to survive. I don't have live plants in the tank - just mosses, riccia and subwassertang.
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