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Yesterday's swap meet was a first for me and the wife. Much bigger\more crowded than what I was expecting. I'm not a cichlid keeper, and I have no big tanks, and none are ready for new fish at the moment anyway, but it was a lot of fun looking around. Did nab a nice anubius nana from John H., and lots of ideas to think about for when my tanks are ready.

This fall I lost three tanks of fish in under a month... one a busted mini-heater cooked all the critters in one tank, a couple of Petco-bought cobra-guppies wiped everything out from disease in a couple of weeks in another tank , including several two-year old Amano shrimp, and my Betta in his tank passed on from fin rot around the same time.

I'm looking at this as an opportunity to try my hand at rebooting the tanks as low-tech dirted jungles, and the swap meet encourages me as to the stocking possibilities beyond the big box stores or even my LFS (Tropi-Quatics, which is nice enough, but a bit limited on some of the things I want.)

In particular, for the next meet, I may be pre-ordering some Moscow Blue guppies

Oh, and Hi All, I'm new to the forums!
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