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I want to get an anubias nana petite to attach to the rock. Aside from that, I think I may be fairly well set up with the RAOK from drazend...thanks again! There will be some riccia, which I'll tie to a small rock (I have lots of those). Some bacopa, a bit of hornwort, and some dwarf water lettuce. Once it's cycled, I may change a few of those out, depending on the look. As for livestock, my son wants a few Blue Velvet neocardinas and I want some Exclamation Point Rasboras (Boraras uropthalmoides). They're tiny and supposedly safe with the shrimp. I'm a book editor by day, so I couldn't pass up a fish with punctuation marks on it. LOL

I still have a lot of set up to do. Rigged a temporary light, but have an LED on Ebay that I'd like to get. Still need a filter, water tests, etc.

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