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Well I guess that answers the question of local, regional, or national. And I wonder if RoseHawke might have something about the franchise thing. I have certainly noticed differences in stores from one to another. But I've also noticed some of the exact same things (example, they all used to have public restrooms, now none of them will let you use it, not that it has anything to do with fish).

When my wife was in college (before we were married), she lived in Ohio, and they had a PSP there. That store seemed to have better selection and livestock.

Well, regardless, I think I'm done with them.

But since this is a Pennsylvania page, I'll put in a plug for another place here in PA. I got my new 120 and stand at Pet Supply Warehouse in Greensburg, PA. Their prices on tanks and stands are better than anywhere else I've ever found. I paid $270 for the tank and $170 for the stand. I couldn't find a 120 anywhere for less than $300 (not even That Pet Place in Lancaster). And the stand I got from them is solid oak. I couldn't even find a pine stand anywhere else for less than $200. Pet Supply Warehouse is not exactly a one stop shop. They don't sell any livestock, and their selection is limited. Customer service is a little lacking too. But if you want good prices on tanks and oak stands, you can't beat it.
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