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Originally Posted by rileynapalm View Post
I just now discovered this thread. I'm extremely sorry to hear about your series of events. Dang man... What a rough situation. =\

A few positive and encouraging words though. The tank looks phenomenal. Everyone is spot on when they tell you how gorgeous it is! Such a creative and monolithic set up. You're very good at what you do. And those odd tetras... Try looking up copeland tetras or Hyphessobrycon copelandi. See if that yields anything. You may be able to find them from an online retailer this way. Or check out this site real quick:

Best wishes to you when you make your next attempt to get it stocked and thriving again! Don't give up!

thanks a bunch! yea thats what i thought they were but nobody heard of them hahahah, well they r all dead now but my lfs still gets them alll the time. its is unfortunate what happens but hat just means a fresh start i guess and time to realy think about what to stock with. im honestly thinking about taking down my 20g and putting up a 40 breeder in its place rather then trying to get another 10g and such. conserve some space! haha trying to keep positive.

on a nother note removed all the little dead guys today and hopefully guna have some fun using them as realy expensive fish food in my LFS for some really big pacus!
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