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Originally Posted by Kelbrina View Post
So I ordered this led floodlight for a 10 gallon and I know I need to attach it to a power cord but I am unsure how. I have a few 12v computer power cords lying around and I believe someone in this thread mentioned using them, but I don't really know what to do. Buy some wire strippers, strip down the plastic coating so the pieces are exposed? How do I connect them to one another and make it neat and like it's one piece? Wrap it up in electrical tape?

Any help at all would be great. Thank you!
That is a 12V DC flood light. you cannot just hook it up to a plug. you need to hook it up to a power supply. You overpaid too. return it if u can and get an AC model.

As for the 30" depth, let me get out my camera and show you a 30watt over my 125, 25" ish depth. I have no meter though so it will just be to show how bright the thing is.


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