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Originally Posted by PlantedTankLover View Post
WOW! This swap was P.A.C.K.E.D! They really need to have a more open location in the future, it was so crowded that you could not really see what vendors had. But did get some great fish! Bought 4 cichlids, 20+ shrimp, and a bunch of Texas Holey rock! One of my cherries from Shrimp USA had a baby along the way, and currently birthing the rest in my tank as I type this.

What did you all get?
Yes, a little too cramped for my liking. I went around the whole place (big and small room) with Razorworm and we were going to go in for a 2nd look in the big room in case we missed anything, but once I saw how crowded it was, I got out there since I already made 1 lap. I do agree that they need more room down the aisles to walk because it's not easy when it's that crowded. I can only imagine what the April swap will be like?!

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