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Thanks, im still ramping up lights and co2. All 6 bulbs are still only on for 3 hours but thats about to jump to 4. Picture was also taken after trimming off all the old leaves, blyxa is everywhere.. the picture doesnt show it, but its thhhiiiccckkk
Starogyne repens is done transitioning, its exploding with new shoots

Also my new overflow will be in tomorrow. 1.5 inch drain line. It will save lots of co2 and be ultra quiet if what ive read is true. Ive been doing a lot of research on fluid dynamics, and drain sizing for plumbing..
Instead of forcing air out of my sealed wet/dry section. Pressure will leave through the drain line, and because its a bigger line, it wont suck as much air in, so the end result will be a quiet, safe overflow, that doesnt waste co2, and still brings maximum oxygenation.
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