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Pet Supplies Plus, other LFS in Pittsburgh Area

I've not sure if Pet Supplies Plus is a local, regional, or national chain, but I'm pretty sure that they are mostly in Pennsylvania from my experience.

Well, I've had it with them. When they first opened a few stores in my area, they were one of the few chains that seemed to have good livestock and competitive pricing. No more. Their livestock stinks and their pricing is worse. Just about every time I go in there to buy something, I find that the "real" price is different from what is marked on the shelf.

For example, today, I wanted to buy two 25 pound bags of regular old aquarium gravel. The place I usually go was sold out of what I wanted, so I went to Pet Supplies Plus. I found an acceptable color, and at $10.15 a bag, it was a bit more than I wanted to pay, but acceptable. So I take them up to the register, and they ring up at $13.50. So I made a stink about it (as I have done at least twice before). The saleswoman walks back with me to the shelf, looks at the price tag, and tells me that "it must be for something else." Yeah, I always figure that the price tag RIGHT UNDER the item is for something else.

So I walked out. If I can help it, never to return.

Anyone else have this experience at Pet Supplies Plus?

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