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Starting a Fluval Spec V. Newby advice.

Hey everyone, I'm a long time reef tank keeper and after a 2 year hiatus I'm making the switch to nano and planted. I've bought a Spec V and heater and my plans are to use ECO complete substrate with some sand on top in spots for decoration. I am not ready to go right into using CO2, but I have a few questions about the low tech method. I plan on planting moderately definitely want to use some dwarf hair grass for foreground, along with stem plants in the back. What sort of dosing should I get for this type of set up, I would also consider suplimental carbon dosing if it would work/help in this set up. Should I have any additives for my substrate besides ECOcomplete? And given the stock lighting what are some plant suggestions? Budget is going to keep me stuck with the stock lighting for the foreseeable future.
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