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3ft Terrarium! Need advice on fauna...?

Hey there!

I've been wanting to set up something like this for long time now and finally got around to doing it.

It's supposed to be a "cool climate rainforest setup" and is being kept moist at all times. It's been setup for a month now and things have started to grow in.

Substrate consists of:

- 2 layers of unused UGF filter plates
- layer of pebbles
- bit of charcoal
- spaghnum moss as drainage divider
- planting medium is a mixture of topsoil, peat, sand and potting mix.

Everything is draining and growing well and i'm planning to add some epypheptic plants in a week or 2 to add some kind of colour or contrast.

My only question is .... What to stock it with!
I'm leaning towards lizards or something similar but most that i've seen at petshops are from dry habitats.
I've considered frogs, but i think their call would annoy me quiet a bit..

It should be a small animal so it'll fit the scape and not outgrow the 3ft tank..

So, whats your opinion? advice?

Here are some pics.:

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you coud put a garter snake in there. I dont know much about terreriums but if you dont want frogs in there or the lizards from your local petstore a garter snake is your best bet.


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Beautiful tank. I think some poison dart frogs would look kick ass in there. I don't have any experience with them, so I don't know if they would do well in there or not.
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Hey guys!

Thanks for the replies!

I'm not really sure about Poison dart frogs... They seem pretty expensive and high maintanance.... and .... if i bring a snake home ... i'm sure my gf will throw me out of the house with all my planted tanks and terrariums...

Isn't there a small kind of lizard - liking humid conditions (without heat lamp) which would do good in there?

I have to admit, i'm coming from the planted tank side and have little to no expereince with terrariums. This is my first setup without water... lol
That's why there's still nothing in it besides plants...

All help appreciated..
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Well if a temp of 80F is kept Green anoles would work great and they are cheap. You could add a ceramic heat emitter which does not put off any light just heat.
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I'm a noob to vivs but have been checking them out because I'd like to build one so this may sound noobish, but how about geckos? You said you wanted some kind of lizard but they all seem to like it dry. Well there are geckos that like it humid I believe. Just an idea.
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i would suggest a frog type. dont worry about the calling... you will get used to it. if you go twords dart frogs most people love hearing them call. i bet a few whites tree frogs would go great in there. ive only heard my whites tree frog call once.

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Firebelly toads are quiet, cheap and easey to keep. They aren't as hard to feed as darts frogs.
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I think alligator lizards are found in temperate places and some species like damp humid conditions. I saw some at my petstore and their tank look pretty damp... Have you considered getting just female frogs? They don't call.

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Originally Posted by tabwyo
Firebelly toads are quiet, cheap and easey to keep. They aren't as hard to feed as darts frogs.
I thought about suggesting those as I have two and love them, but mine like to go into the water sometimes and I didn't see any water feature here. What ever happened with this viv anyway?
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I'm not 100% sure but salamanders or newts may also be feasible in that. Tree frogs would do good as well I would think. A couple day geckos may look nice too. Before putting anything in there though just do your research. It's totally unfair to subject an animal to an improper enviroment. You don't want it to be like putting a goldfish in a saltwater tank type of thing.
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How did you set it up with the UGFs and get the drainage thing going?

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That's a beautiful set up. No algae either ;-) I have been running something similar for sometime. They are very trouble-free and do not need filtration since the plants provide that. I also have Drosera rotundifolia growing among the moss. I like the plants so much I have not considered adding fauna. In your set up, though, newts would not work. They need some open water. Salamanders might work. Small species of tree frog - I am sure there are some in your area - would work. Avoid fauna that digs around, squashes plants, and poops a lot. Your "garden" is inspiring. Other readers should note that this can be accomplished in anything from a large apothecary's glass jar to a mini aquarium - or larger. As I say, they are very trouble free and never need watering or fertilizing once the system is running. But add large fauna and that might need cleaning and etc...
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Frogs for the win!
The garter snake is a very messy eater and p00per.

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A small orchid would be nice in there.

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