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Originally Posted by DogFish View Post
What is you water PH & Temp? How long is your photo period.
-Thick layer of aquasoil which is only 4 months old (about 3-3.5 inches)
-Temp is @ 76-77
-PH is around 6.5
-dosing EI
-Photoperiod: 4 hours on, 4 hours off, 4 hours on again. I don't really have algae in this tank and my other plants are growing pretty well.
-Light: Finnex Ray2 24inch plant LED light hung about 5 inches above the 60-P (18 gallons about).
-TDS of aquarium water is about 320. TDS out of tap is 175.

I have never kept Crypts so not sure if everything is met in terms of their needs. I also insert Osmocete Pills in the substrate just for the crypt.

Originally Posted by AaronT View Post
Is your water soft? It might need a little Mg.
Water is very soft due to the aquasoil and there should be plenty of Mg. I dose half a table spoon of Seachem Equilibrium at water change (50% each week). Mg is also found in my micro solution @ 11ppm. Maybe that's not enough?

My fertilizers which are dosed in liquid form:
Concentrations(as per wets calculator):
B- 0.09ppm
Cu 0.01ppm
Fe 0.50 ppm
Mg 0.11 ppm
Mn 0.14 ppm
Mo 0.0038 ppm
Zn 0.03 ppm
dGH 0.02

N- 7.5ppm
P- 1.3ppm
K- 4.27ppm

Seachem Iron (1 milliliter added 3x a week with Micros).

Originally Posted by HybridHerp View Post
Seems like you are on the right trick. That moss is also impressive, what kinda moss is that?
It's regular Christmas Moss. That's my ok looking specimen since it's in a high light and ferts tank. I notice that if I dose Iron, the moss gets darker patches on it which is not algae....if you look closely in the pic you can see it. My shrimp tank, on the other hand, has some amazing looking christmas moss.
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