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Hard water planted tank question

I was considering using my natural hard tap water on a 55 gallon planted tank. My question is: My Gh is around 17, Kh 7, TDS 530, Ca 71 mg, Cl 91mg/L, Na99mg/L, Flouride .76mg/L, Ph 8.0. I know this is not pretty. All my planted tanks I usually run 100% remineralized r/o & do well.
Can I grow some plants if all other things are better? Say 6500k bulbs, dry ferts, Flourite substrate, canister filter. I would stock with sword tails & mollies which like hard water, But the question is , is the sodium too high & what about the flouride with the fish & plants. The only reason I want to try this is to save some money & water. I know I can grow plants well in R/O water with pressurized CO2 , but to try it without Co2 all other things being equal would be an interesting challenge + I really would like to see sword tails & mollies again in my home.
The big show stopper to me could be the sodium, plants do not like sodium. Is the reported 99mg too high & my plants would melt & die???? Any ideas , should I forget this idea or does somebody have success stories they could tell me with similar conditions???
I figured hard water plants would go after the bicarbonates & Co2 would not be necessarY. Maybe CO2 could be used for more diversity in plant species as well as another option. But there maybe just too much sodium to pull this off. Any suggestions or experiences would be great thanks.
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