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Originally Posted by MSG View Post
What a horrible set of coincidences.

The only thing I can think of to generate heat with no power is FIRE thanks to all those survival shows. It's cold winter nights like this where I wish I had some sort of fireplace.

No power loss here, just a heaping mountain of snow that I'm finding a hard time removing without the use of a well "maintained" snow thrower. It's turning into ice right now so I'll have to bring out the mattock to chisel it out tomorrow.

Oh, one actual idea in the future is HEAT packs, spare blankets & a cooler/thermos type ice chests to store everything in.

Good luck.
thanks and yea i had my candles in the house going all day around my tanks to try and keep it as warm as posible 55 degrees in the room and the water was maintaining 65 ish maybe a little higher but tonight its guna plummet :/

Originally Posted by bennyjam View Post
Dear lord that's a hell or a thing to have go down right as you lose power. I would've cried. Haha.
i almost felt like it hahaha, [censored][censored][censored][censored] went bad fast def a horible thing to happen

Originally Posted by alipper View Post
That really sucks. Good luck and hope everything turns ok.

We've been good so far where I am in CT, 40 inches!

thats a lot of snow! we got maybe 28in here in rhode island but the power outages r what realy hurts haha sucks to suck!

Originally Posted by oliver77 View Post
Rocks and sand. Awesome combination.

And your tank, sir, is awesome.
thank you! hofully everything dosnt die and i can have an update with in the next few days!

and to everyone from new england stay warm and stay safe!
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