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Originally Posted by TheGiantDwarfShrimp View Post
No CO2, 4 t8 bulbs 6500k, and it is a dirted tank with MTS as substrate capped with pool filter sand. I have not changed the lights since setting up the tank. Could that be an issue?
I have pretty good surface agitation in the tank and I am under stocked so I don't think oxygen would be an issue. I will probably do a water change today so I will take out as much of the algae as possible. Will dwarf shrimp eat this?
It may be a nitrate issue; do you have a nitrate reading?

I don't think lighting is a contributing issue in this case.

Rather than surface agitation, it could be a flow issue (i.e. the area where the algae is proliferating is a dead spot).

Dwarf shrimp will not eat this algae.


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