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Alright, time for UPDATE although I'm very lazy to do this LOL~

Anyway, it is already a week since I remove the stargrass and replace it with D. diandra. There are new shoots now and so far I'm very pleased with it.
Mayaca fluvatilis is still adapting. I still cannot see its impact to this layout but lets wait a little longer and see whether it really improve the layout.

I decided not to put Rotala macrandra because it's too big for this tank. Last time I saw this plant it was not that big. So I decide to let it grow in another tank first and see whether the new growth is smaller. But then I found a short stem of Althernanthera reineckii survived in that tank. I'm quite surprised to see it because I can't even remember when the last time I grow it.haha so I transfer it into this tank. Maybe it can be a suitable replacement to R. macrandra.

And I changed my ligthing to 16" Finnex RAY 2 (9W). All I want to say is that it is SUPER BRIGHT!hahaha I exaggerate a lot but this lighting is definitely brighter than my previous 27W compact fluorescent and cheaper too. Well done Finnex!

Okay, enough with words.

All photos were taken using Canon PowerShot ELPH 300HS. Comments and suggestions are welcome!
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