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Originally Posted by bavarian3
From my understanding GE's will go yellow after some time. Looks like ill stay away from the Planta bulbs as well.
What is this "Current 10000k"? I have not heard of them but im interested! These would be perfect to mix with the Giesemanns. Let me know, thanks everyone for all the input keep it going.

Its an interesting debate. Maybe 10000K is the way to go. I sure like the AM 10000ks so far, but those coupled with the Plantas don't get the bright reds on my Ludwegias that I use to with straight GE starcoats. Maybe its insufficient iron and too much NO3. I haven't tested enough to really know. I don't think that is it because I pretty much follow the same routine. I think it is because the GE starcoats x 4 were so blasted bright. I couldn't look at the light and built a screen because of it. Yet now I can look at the fixture with the dimmer Plantas with AM10000ks. So I've lost some color, but the plants are growing great and it looks nice. My L. aromatica grew a lot faster once I added the Planta 10000K combo too. Who knows??

Here is the link to the Current USA 10000Ks. I think they are pretty good, but I wonder if the US delivered AMs are made in Asia, if they might be the same lamp with a different label??

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