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First Nano 2.5 gallon

My aquatic journey has begun! Aside from several gallon jars at my disposal, I brought home a 2.5 gallon tank today from Petsmart. It was on sale and I saved a whole 50 cents from its regular price. Yay me! It fits perfectly on the shelf on my desk. I also picked up some MGOCPM and a bag of CaribSea Super Naturals black sand to cap the dirt.

I took off the banner they put in it and was left with a couple glue spots on the glass. You'd think they'd use something easy to remove, but no. I had to break out a razor blade to try and scrape it off. It came off in infinitesimal layers, but there is still a thin bit left that I can't seem to budge. You can see them inside the red circle in the second picture. Anyone have any suggestions? I don't want to scratch the glass.

Tomorrow I will rinse it out and start filling it with my substrate. I'll have to look through my collection for items to put in. I have some quartz crystals... are they safe? I don't have a lot of options yet, so this will be a slow work in progress.

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