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Algae all throughout my tank!!!!!

Just an update on my situation.

I cut back on dosing the ferts. I also raised the lights a bit. Cut back the light cycle 1 hour. Also dipped every plant and rock in a excel and water mixer. I will say most plants did just fine, but the anubias really took a hit. Almost all the leaves melted. Will be getting more shortly to had to the tank. I also removed the anubias from direct lighting, that has also really helped. The swords have cleared up well. There is a bit of green algae along the front of the glass, but nothing major. I also added more oto cats, now have 8 in there. Also added 7 nerite snails as well. Everything is going well.

Oh yeah java moss doesn't do well either to the excel dip. Lots have died off, and I am removing it as I notice. Will have to get some more from someone.

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