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Well bad news for the 10g tank :/ every fish tank goers worst nightmare happened last night in my house. So here what went down. me and a friend of mine were trying to lift the tank a small amount to level it with some small pieces of paper. and as soon as it left the ground, his hand went strait through the side of the tank and all 10 gallons of the water went into my room and emptied into my walls and under the hardwood floor fml right?. but the worst thing of all due to the horrible blizzard we just got the power went out just as all this happened. literately the hand went threw the tank and it turned off. like the cracking glass was a switch or something :::::: so worst case scenario happened. im just glad my 29g didn't break lol.

well i salvaged what i could and was more worried about soaking up water then the fishes safety so i lost about half of the fish and not sure how many shrimp. but all of the plants were safe luckily i guess. once the power comes back on in a couple days we will see what happens. anybody have any ideas to keeping a tank warm with no power lol?? im so f#%$ed
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