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Those stones you found would also make a nice border around a garden if you decide they're not "Aquarium worthy"

Thanks everyone for the guesses.

I do agree with the slate. I've just never seen "multicolored" slate before. I think it was previously used in a tank with cichlids, the rock pictured in the last row I always thought looked like some sort of tree stump. It would be very cool if it does contain IRON or is petrified wood.
  • No one has any idea on the lavender colored stone?

philemon716, you have a good eye. Those stones granite/gneiss have nice rings/layers. Whoever tossed them in the dumpster probably found them laying around in the basement. I think those stones are sometimes mixed in fieldstone foundations.

I think your dog is more scared of you possibly leaving her in the dumpster. That's why she's giving you "freaked out" looks.

I have to go finish shoveling. We easily got 2x the amount of snow you guys received.
  • BTW, what is the rule to prevent kitchen xplosions when it comes to BOILING??
  • I would also give your rocks a good scrubbing with some baking soda & those hand iron type brushes.
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